*Sweet "Sight Word" Bundle

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This is a bundle of digital and printable "sight word" activities to help you instruct and reinforce the first 100 high frequency words, with science-based teaching strategies in mind for better, more advanced readers.

This bundle is for you if:
☑️ you teach beginning readers
☑️ you want your kids to understand how to read (and not just memorize words).

And it's especially for you if you:
 teach any struggling reader
 are a teacher in a school who requires memorization of "sight word" lists
 are a teacher who would like to put more emphasis on phonics in the classroom, but you're still required to have your kids learn these long lists..
 want your kids to NOT fall through the cracks, but actually learn to read

The best part is - this bundle contains digital and printable activities that help your beginning reader learn high frequency words the right way, by connecting letters to sounds and encouraging orthographic mapping in the brain.

Here are the highlights of what is in the bundle. 

  • Digital Mapping Activity to introduce the Fry High Frequency Words - $15 value

  • Printable Mapping Activities to introduce the 100 words - $8 Value

  • Digital Flashcard Activity to practice the words - $15 Value

  • 100 Printable Activity Sheets - $12 Value

  • Two sets of printable flashcards - $5 value (one is a freebie!)

  • High Frequency word printable games - $15 value1

  • Printable list of high frequency words by list & by phonetic concept - $12 value

  • BONUS: "Sight Words Made Simple" workbook - $15 Value

Please enjoy the bundle, and let me know if you have any questions at amy@mythreereaders.com

:) Amy