Initial Consonant Blends Digital Activity *Polar Bears and Penguins*

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Initial Consonant Blends digital Boom Activity with Polar Bears and Penguins! Drag the letters to segment & blend. ✨Includes sound for each blend component!✨. Great for phonemic awareness and building strong spellers. Tons of practice for segmenting and blending simple words with double consonant blends like fr, bl, cl, cr, br, dr, fl, gl, gr, pr, pl, sl, sn, st, sw sp, sk, tr, tw, and sm.


Easy to use on your iPhone, laptop, iPad or other device! Perfect for helping beginning readers, and to increase in phonemic awareness for sounds of letters and blending to make words.


This BOOM™ deck includes 39 slides with practice for blending and segmenting different words with double consonant blends at the beginning with your free BOOM™ account at


You can check out a quick preview of the digital cards here.


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I hope you enjoy this Polar Bears and Penguins Initial Consonant Blends Boom™ Activity! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at amy


:) Amy