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Long I Vowel Teams (IGH, IG, Y, IE) Digital Activity

Long I Vowel Teams (IGH, IG, Y, IE) Digital Activity

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Long I Vowel Teams (IGH, IG, Y, IE) Digital Activity! Long ī vowel team with phonics rules. Includes variations of the long sound of /ī/ by having your student choose between "igh" or "ig", "y" or "ie" for different words.

This Boom™ Digital Activity includes 43 slides with different long ī words to choose the correct vowel team with your free Boom™ account at, easy to use on your iPhone, laptop, iPad or other device.

✔️ Focus on the long ī vowel teams with the focus on correct phonetic spelling within words.

✔️ Low prep!

✔️ Great for centers or at-desk work

✔️ Easy to send home

✔️ These are fun and self-checking enabled for students

This activity contains:

⭐ Phonics practice specifically for readers who are learning vowel teams for spelling and reading

⭐ In alignment to the science of reading

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