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Phonemic Awareness Daily Task Cards

Phonemic Awareness Daily Task Cards

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If you are looking for a quick and easy, yet thorough set of on-the-go activites to bolster your student's phonemic awareness skills, here's what you need! Included are 136 quick daily phonemic awareness activity task cards for your beginning reader.

Perfect for:
🌟 Beginning readers to establish the best foundation
🌟 Struggling readers
🌟 Readers who have "stalled" in an area, and need to reinforce underlying skills
🌟 All readers!

-136 Daily activities, including phonological and phonemic awareness strengthening skills.

✔️ Low prep! Just print, cut and go. (option to laminate)
✔️ Great for whole class instruction at any time of the day.
✔️ Great for parents at home in the home, in the car, at the park!
✔️ Requires only a few minutes to complete.
✔️ Printable in either color or black and white
✔️ Science of Reading aligned

These cards cover:

Phonological skill-building:
🗸 Counting words in a sentence
🗸 Recognizing and producing rhyme
🗸 Recognizing and producing alliteration
🗸 Hearing/recognizing syllables
🗸 Syllable deletion
🗸 Onset-rime segmenting and blending
🗸 Onset-rime substitution
Phonemic awareness skill-building
🗸 Phoneme blending and segmenting (several sets from 2-5 phoneme words)
🗸 Initial sound recognition
🗸 Medial sound recognition
🗸 Final sound recognition
🗸 Initial phoneme deletion and manipulation
🗸 Medial phoneme manipulations (beginner to advanced)
🗸 Final phoneme deletion and manipulation

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