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Super Fast Phonemic Activities for Letters A-Z Flip Cards

Super Fast Phonemic Activities for Letters A-Z Flip Cards

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Flip Cards for each letter of the alphabet to practice the sounds of each letter - a great way to encourage phonemic awareness in beginning readers! 

Grab these instant-download printable alphabet cards with fast activities parents and teachers can quickly grab so kids can have a strong groundwork for phonics and learning to read.

Includes double-sided cards for each letter, including multiple cards for letters that have more than one sound. 

Print them out to teach the alphabet and to encourage a strong understanding of the sounds of the alphabet .

Included are all the consonants, including:

short vowels and long vowels

alternate short a (like uh)

alternate long u (like oo)

vowel y (like ee)

soft c

soft g

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melissa M.
Five stars!

This resource was helpful in planning for my small groups to help my struggling readers and I also plan to use it with my daughter who needs help with phonemic awareness. thanks

Danielle H.
Great resource!

This is one of the many resources I use with my tier 2 kiddos, it is a great resource!

Amber P.
Five stars!

I love the examples and ideas on how to help students recognize the letters and identify the sounds.

Rebecca S.
Five Stars!

I have a few students who know few letter names/sounds so this is great for me to use with my assistant to help these students. I like how clearly it's written with simple suggestions to do for each letter. Thanks!

A valuable tool..

With it being my first time teaching 1st grade this was a valuable tool for me as well as the students.